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Embracing challenge with enthusiasm and confidence

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North Cadbury Church of England Primary School

Embracing challenge with enthusiasm and confidence


Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

The North Cadbury Primary School governing board is made up of governors from the teaching staff, parents, local authority and church community. The full governing board and finance committee meet four times a year.


There are three important core roles in our contribution at North Cadbury Primary School.
The first is strategic to ensure clarity of vision. It is our responsibility to agree policies and to monitor the impact of the school’s annual development plan. 
The second is to be a ‘critical friend’. It is important that we ask relevant but probing questions. We examine the educational performance of the children in the school, and we give praise where it is good and seek ways of making improvements when expectations are not achieved.
Thirdly, we must oversee the financial performance of the school, making sure its money is well spent for the benefit of pupils.


If you would like to contact any member of the Governing Body please do so through the school office.

Governing Body – February 2018

Governing Body – February 2018  1 Chair of Governors: Susan Fone
Governing Body – February 2018  2 Head Teacher: Sandra Kiddle
Governing Body – February 2018  3 Elected Staff Governor: Mandy Pett
Governing Body – February 2018  4 Local Authority Governor: Janet Montgomery
Governing Body – February 2018  5 Ex-Officio: Rev. Tristram Rae Smith
Governing Body – February 2018  6 Parent Governor: Liz O'Callaghan - Safeguarding
Governing Body – February 2018  7 Parent Governor- Melanie Tyrrell- SEN

Governor profiles


Local Authority Governor - Mrs Janet Montgomery


I am a resident of North Cadbury and former pupil of the School.  I originally joined the Board as a representative of the Parish Council.  Having retired from the Parish Council I consider my role more as a community Governor whereby I maintain and forge links with the local community whilst at the same time offering advice borne from my experience in the professional world of business.


I have been liaising with the Head Teacher over Parish matters, facilitating dialogue and the dissemination of information between the School, the Parish and local residents.  In particular we have been working to try and resolve ongoing parking issues at the School which links in with highway safety.


As a Chartered Surveyor and Chartered Town Planner I can assist the School with any property related issues.  Furthermore, as a Partner in my own business, I have a good working knowledge of both accounts and business and can therefore contribute to the Business Committee of which I am a member.


I have taken on the role of Governor Maths Lead.  Since then I have liaised with the Head Teacher to inform the Board of Governors about  maths attainment levels.



Parent Governor - Mrs Liz O'Callaghan


I was appointed towards the end of 2017 as the Safeguarding Parent Governor.  My day job since September 2012 is as Senior Business Support for Children’s Social Care in the Safeguarding team so I have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the safeguarding process for children and young people. 


Both of my children attend North Cadbury Primary School, one in Year 6 and one in Year 3 and they very much enjoy their time in school! 


Tristram Rae-Smith, Foundation Governor


I am Rector of the local church St Michael’s North Cadbury and a Foundation Governor of the School. As such I have a special responsibility to protect and promote the Christian ethos of the school. I am a member of the Ethos Group and work closely on ethos matters with the Head Teacher, Sandra Kiddle.


Parent Governor- Mrs Melanie Tyrrell


I have two children at the school and have been a parent here at North Cadbury since 2012. I've spent my career in bookselling and publishing and am passionate about books and reading! I am SEN governor for the school.




Chair of Governors - Susan Fone


My children attended North Cadbury Primary School in the 1980s and our family has always had a great interest in the school as one of the centres of community in our village. I have lived in the village for 33 years and have been Churchwarden for a period.


I supply taught at local schools (including North Cadbury) and for many years at Castle Cary Primary School. In the county I worked in a variety of schools as a Leading Literacy Teacher. I was involved in the writing of the Geography section of the National Curriculum at that time. I also trained markers for S.A.T.s.


I applied to be a member of the Board of Governors at North Cadbury, as I felt that I could offer my education background experience to support the management of the school under the direction of the Head teacher. As a practising Christian, I was appointed as a Foundation Governor. I consider the active links with the local clergy and with the community of the Church to be an aspect of school life to be nurtured and treasured.


As Chair of Governors, I endeavour to delegate and work with all members of the Board, to further the life of the school in all aspects and give all possible support to the staff and Headteacher. The Board comprises volunteers with many and varied gifts, skills and talents, which they give freely to enhance the educational experience of the children in our care. As such we owe them a debt of gratitude.



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