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North Cadbury Church of England Primary School


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North Cadbury Church of England Primary School


School Values


Our shared values at the heart of our ethos


Wisdom - Peace

Thankfulness - Forgiveness

Humility - Friendship

Endurance - Justice

Service - Hope

Compassion - Creation

Trust - Koinonia (fellowship)


To maximise individual potential and develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge required to face new challenges with enthusiasm and confidence.


Principles and Aims

In working towards our vision we will build on our Christian foundations to provide a secure and stimulating environment where children will feel nurtured and will want to take on responsibility to learn and achieve their best.



 We work together to:

  • Create a caring and happy learning community in which Christian values are practised and promoted through all that we do and say.
  • Promote qualities of respect, high self-esteem, resilience and self motivation in every child.
  • Ensure that equality of opportunity is exercised through all aspects of our school life.
  • Value each person for their uniqueness and nurture and develop their gifts and potential .
  • Ensure that each member of the school knows he or she belongs to all other members and accepts the responsibility of caring for one another and for Gods World
  • Provide children with an exciting, secure and happy learning environment, where trust, respect and understanding is modelled and evident at all times through positive relationships between children, between adults and children and between adults. 


Our School Aims 

We aim to:

  • Build on our Christian foundations to provide a secure and creative environment where children are nurtured and can achieve their individual potential.
  • Develop further a culture in which the whole school community is involved in working towards excellence and continual improvement on previous best.
  • Ensure parents, staff and children have a sense of pride in the school through the achievements of the children.
  • to provide the highest quality education through a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • to provide challenging and stimulating learning situations which promote curiosity and initiative and encourage acceptance of responsibility.
  • to provide a caring, secure and friendly environment for all members of the school community.
  • to value every member of the school community through the recognition of individual strengths and the development of potential.
  • to encourage each person in the school community to see they are uniquely valued and that their gifts and potential will be nurtured and developed.
  • to build high self-esteem in all associated with our school in order that they will respect and care for themselves and for others.
  • to promote positive relationships between everyone involved with the school, including the local parish church and the wider community.
  • to maintain and further develop productive home-school links, so that parents, carers and staff work as true partners in learning.
  • to help each child prepare for the next stage of their education and their future life.


Our school values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.