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North Cadbury Church of England Primary School

‘To be the best we can be’

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North Cadbury Church of England Primary School

‘To be the best we can be’

Dragon Class (Years 4, 5 & 6)

          Welcome to Dragon Class         

Our class teacher is Mr Male and our teaching assistant is Mr Whitehouse. 

To see what we have been doing recently, please sign in to your Tapestry account to see the weekly (and often daily) updates. Alternatively, look at the Gallery section of this website (although this will not have as much detail on the activities of Dragon Class).





The best trip of the year: Dorset Water Park and Mud Trails! Sadly, Mr Male was ill and missed out, but Mrs Thompson stepped in - heroically - and took the class for the day. It was a fabulous day and went some small way towards paying the children back for being so resilient, even in the face of missing out on their residential. 




We were only the third class to visit Glastonbury Abbey since the first lockdown commenced! Mr Male's fingers were poised on the phone buttons as soon as it was announced that school trips could re-commence. It was great to visit the ruins and see history come to life with our amazing guides. The trip capped off a very successful and interesting topic on the Tudors.




After adjusting swiftly to being back in school and getting our heads back into the normal routine of school life, we enjoyed our final day of the Spring Term with an Easter Egg Hunt in which over 10kg of eggs were hidden (and found!). Luckily, we all know about healthy eating and having a balanced diet :)



During the lockdown, the children did marvellously and showed great determination and independence. Well done to all of you! Hopefully, that will be the last lockdown! The highlight I have chosen for this is the weekly celebration of those learners who truly committed themselves to their studies and went 'above and beyond' each week. 



We went for an adventure to Gore Farm's woodlands to do some team-building and give the children some much needed time outside with their peers which, due to restrictions, they have not been able to experience. What a chilly but hugely fun day full of orienteering, den building, marshmallow cooking and team building! Please check Tapestry for a plethora of photographs. 



The Chilli Challenge - Never to be repeated... ever!

The Crowdfunding for the eating of the World's Hottest Chilli (the Carolina Reaper) has raised a massive £415! Thank you to every who contributed! Below is the video of myself eating the World's Hottest Chilli as well as a link to the donation page. The children got some awesome work out of this very interesting topic and they will benefit hugely from the prizes and enrichment the money will pay for. 

Carolina Reaper

Poor Mr Male!

Purple Gusto Trial

This chilli, grown by Mrs Davey, is a mere 10,000 Scovilles compared to the mighty Carolina Reaper's 2.2 million!