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North Cadbury Church of England Primary School

‘To be the best we can be’

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North Cadbury Church of England Primary School

‘To be the best we can be’

Phoenix Class (Years 2, 3 & 4)

Welcome to Phoenix Class


Please note that we do not use our website to update our parents with class information, photos etc as we use Tapestry extensively for this purpose as it is a private system where we can communicate with parents and share children's work.


This page will simply give you an overview of the staffing and logistics of this class, alongside a few useful links.

To see what we have been doing recently, please sign in to your Tapestry account to see the weekly (and often daily) updates. Alternatively, look at the Gallery section of this website.

Phoenix Class are developing their independence and enjoy a challenge or two!

Mrs Amy Truett teaches Phoenix Class.

Miss Hobbs and Mrs Watson also support us.


Home School

(Information for when/if needed)

Alongside the tasks that Mrs Truett will send home, and regularly add on Tapestry, please also use the following resources to help run your 'Home School' for any periods when we are all in any form of lockdown.


It is vitally important for children to still be able to read regularly at home and be read to.  If you have run out of books or need a change please do go onto the Oxford Owl site.


Unicorn Class login details are as follows:      


Username: super unicorns

Password: Mrs Truett    


The site also has some fantastic activities for the children to complete which focus on their phonic skills and comprehension. Enjoy!

Phonics goes hand in hand with reading and writing to ensure that your child develops the necessary skills for both. The kind people at PhonicsPlay have made their website completely free to use during the lockdown.


Children can use the site at home without their parents needing to subscribe. To access their resources all you need to do is log on using the following details:


Username: march20
Password: home

Maths and Number Skills are every bit as important as reading and writing, but are sometimes forgotten or missed out. While you are at home you can engage in simple maths daily through activities such as baking, timing events, telling the time, and estimating.


However if you would like to ensure that your child/children are also practising some formal maths, we highly recommend these sites:

Supporting your children