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Admission Policy

Our first aim is to welcome you and work alongside you to make the transition from home to school a happy and positive one for you and your child.


Early Years

Children can be admitted into the school from the September of the academic year in which their fifth birthday occurs according to the conditions of the County Admissions Policy ( Applications must be made by parents / carers directly to Somerset  County Council regardless of existing catchment areas. If there are more applications received than places available at our school, then the County Admissions Officer will apply over subscription criteria to decide which children can be allocated a place. Details of these criteria can be accessed from the county website. The closing date for submission of completed application forms is 15th January 2019.  At any point during the year before your child starts, you and your child are welcome to attend class-based activities. It is not necessary to have an allocated place confirmed to join these sessions. During the second half of the Summer Term there will be opportunities for your child to spend time in school.  A meeting for the parents of new children takes place in early July. There is flexibility for children to have individual induction programmes up to the age of five, according to their need. To ease the transition process, children begin attending mornings only, but  quickly progress to full days. We would reiterate however that every child is an individual, and to speak to us if you have any concerns or worries.


In Year Admissions

We also welcome children up to the age of 11 who are moving from other schools up to the published admission numbers for each year group. Once the planned admission numbers for a year group are exceeded however, applications for a place will need to be made directly to the County Council Admissions team (0845 4564038).


Arrangements for admission of pupils with disabilities 

We welcome all children to our school and value equality and diversity through all that we do. The procedure adopted by the school in the case of a pupil with disabilities is as follows:

  1. Apply to obtain funding if appropriate.
  2. Access ‘specialist’ support as necessary.
  3. Consider modification of staff duties and teaching methods and materials.
  4. Create an early partnership with home (and existing school placement) to ensure successful planning and admission.


Ensure the physical environment is appropriate to allow full access to the school site and grounds and to the curriculum and undertake any modifications possible to improve physical accessibility.

In-year Admissions Form.

If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.