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North Cadbury Church of England Primary School

β€˜To be the best we can be’

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North Cadbury Church of England Primary School

β€˜To be the best we can be’

Wrap Around Care

If you need to make urgent contact with our Wrap Around Care team, our school mobile is available for calls only before 8am and after 4pm.

07511 869799

Breakfast Club Childcare &  After School Club Childcare


Breakfast Club Childcare: 07:45-08:45 @ £3.50

Sprites (3+) Breakfast Club: 07:45-08:45 @ £4.55

Late Breakfast Club: 08:30-08:45 @ £2.00


After School Childcare 15.15-16.30 @ £4.50

Sprites (3+) After School Childcare 15.15-16.30 @ £5.85

Late After School Care @£2.50



All sessions MUST be pre-booked A WEEK IN ADVANCE through PARENTPAY. The cut off time for booking is 4.00pm on the Thursday before the following week.


If you need Breakfast or After School childcare for 2 year olds, please note that this is charged at a higher rate to reflect the additional ratio requirements for younger children and will be added to your Sprites bill/invoice. These bookings can only be made through the school office, and will only be taken in consultation with the Head Teacher.


Current charges for 2 year olds are:


Breakfast Club - £5.00

After School Care - £7.00 (please note that this does not include Late After School Care)


Breakfast Childcare (BC)


  • We offer a variety of food at Breakfast Club including; toast, crumpets, brioche, yoghurt, fruit and cereals. There is always variety as we endeavour to minimise food waste by partnering with the Co-operative Food shop. 


  • There are lots of activities for the children to enjoy once they have finished their breakfast. This might include; art activities, group games and challenges or puzzles. These activities are also available for the children in After School Childcare.


After School Childcare (ASC)


  • We give the children a choice of healthy snack, including; sandwiches, toast, crackers and cheese,  yoghurt or fruit. Our food waste partnership also supports ASC.


  • We like to take the children outside to play as much as possible and we use the play equipment in the top playground or we play games in the bottom playground with hoops and balls.


  • The children are also allowed limited use of laptops and we encourage using the books in the library for quiet reading.


Thank you to the Co-op for supporting us with our mission to be more environmentally friendly πŸ™

Breakfast and After School Childcare from September 2023