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North Cadbury Church of England Primary School

β€˜To be the best we can be’

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North Cadbury Church of England Primary School

β€˜To be the best we can be’

House Teams

Our Team Captains are Year 6 children who have been voted in by their teammates. Each year, often in conjunction with UK Parliament Week we teach our children how important it is to let your voice be heard and your vote be counted!


Voting is one of the primary ways we participate in our democracy, but it can be hard to know how to talk to children about voting, however this annual involvement in choosing/electing their own Team Captain is a great opportunity to help us teach our children how our country works—and to talk about the values you believe in. 


For young children who are still learning how to be considerate to others and their perspectives, this is the perfect way to teach that it is perfectly fine to disagree with people—and that we can all practice listening to other ideas with respect. 

Allow us to introduce our Team Captains . . .

Our House Teams


Water (to nurture and sustain)


Sunlight (to provide light and energy)


Land (the foundation for all we do)


Fire (to chase away the darkness and provide warmth)


In keeping with our family ethos, North Cadbury Church of England Primary School operates a team system.  When children join our school they are assigned to one of the four school house teams.  Siblings are assigned to the same team.  Each house team also has staff members and throughout the course of the year we have special focus activity days, where the children work together in their teams, rather than in their classes.


Our Sports Day is also organised around our teams. Children are awarded team points for exemplary behaviour, for excellence in their work and for demonstrating perseverance and determination.  The team points are recorded on a weekly basis and our older children take responsibility for collating and recording the totals from each class.  There is a termly ‘reward’ afternoon for the winning team and in our final Celebration Assembly of the year, the team cup is awarded to the team that has earned the most team points during the course of the year.


For a number of years the children would never remember their team name, simply the colour of their team. However, following a child led consultation everyone has agreed on team names that reflect the elements of life and have a clear correlation with their team colour.

The children carefully considered what they felt the most important natural elements for life were, and have agreed on:


    Water         Sunlight               Land              Fire 


These team names also complement our status as an eco-school, and are a symbol of the importance we place on them.