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North Cadbury Church of England Primary School

β€˜To be the best we can be’

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North Cadbury Church of England Primary School

β€˜To be the best we can be’

English (Reading & Writing)



English – Reading


We want all our children to foster a love of reading and be able to talk passionately about the books they have enjoyed reading. All staff model this passion by sharing a range of high quality texts. Reading forms part of the classroom experience of every child at North Cadbury.

Research indicates that reading for pleasure is a key factor in academic success and achievement and to support this we keep a well-stocked library that offers a wide range of books that appeal to readers of all ages. All our staff love to read and are all happy to help children with their book choices.

Reading is taught in each class and children learn to read with enjoyment, fluency and prosody, intonation and expression.  To support the teaching of reading we use Book Bands to ensure that children are not put off reading because of texts that are simply too difficult for them to read enjoyably at their level.

We advocate reading aloud to all our children from Nursery through to Year 6.



What does writing look like at North Cadbury Primary School?


We follow a purpose-based approach to writing, allowing teachers the freedom to choose texts that are interesting and engaging to them and their class, obviously being mindful to ensure we offer a variety of authors and genres.

We divide writing into the following four purposes:

 - Writing to entertain

 - Writing to inform

 - Writing to persuade

 - Writing to discuss. 


As a very rough rule, we expect around half of curriculum time to be taken up by 'writing to entertain', with the remaining non-fiction elements sharing the remaining time.


Notably, in Key Stage 1, the non-fiction focus is only on 'writing to inform' and, in Key Stage 2, 'writing to discuss' is not covered in earnest until Years 5 & 6. 



Writing at North Cadbury

English National Curriculum (Primary)