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North Cadbury Church of England Primary School

β€˜To be the best we can be’

Online Safety

Please remember that there is excellent information available from the National Online Safety forum πŸ’»

We are planning to run another 'Online Safety Training' soon. Please let the office know if you are interested πŸ’» πŸ™.

Technology can be a fantastic resource, but it is also a source of huge confusion and worry for parents. Here are some of the top sites giving suggestions for the sensible use of technology for you and your children.


We will also add sensible updates about items that are in the news, or causing parents concern. You can also go online and register for # WAKE UP WEDNESDAY, with the National Online Safety site for regular trustworthy updates of your own.


Our links are updated annually (October 2022), but our safety guides are added on a regular basis.


Regular items are added most weeks with up to date advice from the Online Safety Team at #WakeupWednesday



We will often add advice posters that have a PEGI rating that is above the primary school age range, e.g. 12+. This DOES NOT mean that we endorse our children accessing these sites and games, but  acknowledges that some children talk about these sites and games, and we believe that parents would wish to know the real dangers of allowing their children to use them or be in the room when older siblings are using them. It is also a very good idea to check the age rating of apps and games that children are discussing, and this gives you the opportunity to do that easily.


It is also useful for our parents to know that these games, apps and sites are NOT INTENDED for primary age children, and be able to check the details we have.

Do You Know Enough About These Social Media Sites, Apps and Games? Have You Seen These Top Tips?

New Technology for Christmas? Check out the latest advice from the NOS (National Online Safety) site . . .

Safer Internet Day - 2023


‘An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world’


Technology provides opportunities for creativity, collaboration and increasing our knowledge.  It is important to understand:


  • where its use is appropriate
  • how to recognise and share appropriate knowledge.    
  • how to check the reliability of information and news provided ​on websites, social media, other parts of the internet​, and messages within games and apps
  • how we can use it responsibly.


Watch the videos below to explore more about the topic (we will also be covering this work in school, when the children return to school).


FS Reliability 1 (Click)

  • Ask and check habits
  • Look at Infant Encyclopaedia website


KS1 Reliability 1 (Click)

  • Our responsibilities
  • Consideration of Apple Ant website


KS1 Reliability 2 (Click)

  • Creation of a creature
  • Reminder of habits when I use technology


KS2 Reliability 1 (Click)

  • Our responsibilities
  • Consideration of Apple Crumble website


KS2 Reliability 2 (Click)

  • Modelling of fact checking
  • Fact checking strategies


KS2 Reliability 3 (Click)

  • Check reliability of messages
  • Be responsible about passing on messages


Additional online safety home materials:

4 - 5 year olds remote online safety learning linking habits to ThinkuKnow resources

5 - 7 year olds remote online safety learning linking habits to ThinkuKnow resources

8 - 10 year olds remote online safety learning linking habits to ThinkuKnow resources



Materials from UK Safer Internet Day Centre:

3 – 7 years

7 – 11 years